Other Voices


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Festival Year

2000 (click here to see all competition films from this year)


Dramatic Competition


David Aaron Baker, Stockard Channing, Peter Gallagher, Mary McCormack, Rob Morrow, Campbell Scott

Non-Cast Credits

Dan McCormack, Ruth Charny, Shelly Strong, Alicia Reilly-Larson, Deborah Cappogrosso, Robert Baruc, Alicia Reilly-Larson, Dan Gillham, Fred Wardell, Martin Hunter, Michael Krantz, William T. Stromberg


The zeitgeist at the end of the millenium will be the subject of countless essays and newspaper columns as the century draws to a close, but few capture the sensibilities, fears, and diverse moods as well as the imaginative and engrossing tale of love and survival. Infused with energy, wit, and an elusive quality of mystery, Other Voices portrays a couple whose relationship is in a state of transition, if not yet turmoil.

Phil and Anna are struggling to maintain a trust they once had but are no longer able to hold onto. Indeed, each suspects the other of infidelity, and they are ready to pursue their mutual doubts. Phil's best friend, John, is an acerbic, intense, and relentless lawyer who helps his friend's investigation to an extent that goes far beyond his expectations. And Anna's brother, Jeff, incensed at the notion that his sister's husband is cheating, is driven and determined to put an end to it.

Played out against a backdrop of a world in seeming chaos, an apocalyptic scenario that feeds the tensions of a story in which there is clearly more going on that what appears on the surface, this is a film that vividly grasps the fervor and cacophany of the present moment. An edgy and inventive script, soupled with superb performances from an outstanding cast and great visual style, makes Other Voices a special film experience. Its surprise, drama, and purpose underscore the vitality of independent cinematic creation.


Geoffrey Gilmore (see other films reviewed by the same reviewer)

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