Robert Capa: In Love and War


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Festival Year

2003 (click here to see all competition films from this year)


Documentary Competition

Non-Cast Credits

Anne Makepeace, Susan Lacy, Joanna Rudnick, Anne Makepeace, Nancy Schreiber, Susan Fanshel


As an enterprising young man, the hungarian-born Andre Friedman created an alter ego for himself in hoopes of getting hired as a photographer. He became Robert Capa,an American photographer always away on assignment. Poetically, Friedman became the man he had created. A handsome, talented renegade, Rober Capa captured thousands of breathtaking images from all over the world, becoming a celebrated photographer specializing in documenting war.

Anne Makepeace's newest film, In Love and War, expertly brings to life a celebrated photographer as well as an intriguing man about town. Makepeace combines Capa's own striking images with perfectly matched archival footage. Capa's life unfolds as the dramatic story of a principled, adventuresome wanderer with a camera who wished to tell stories through pictures. In war, he followed the infantry, not the big brass, and in his civilian photos, he chose to show the action of life rather than compose portraits. Not one for avoiding dangerous situations, he was the only photographer in the first wave at Normandy, snapping shots as soldiers fell around him.

Using an elegant score and well-placed interviews with Cap's colleagues and friends, Makepeace crafts a richly textured, seamless story about an extraordinarily captivating man.


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