Padre Nuestro


Bottom 40% of all time (see others with this rank)

Festival Year

2007 (click here to see all competition films from this year)


Dramatic Competition


Jesús Ochoa, Armando Hernández, Jorge Adrián Espíndola, Paola Mendoza

Non-Cast Credits

Christopher Zalla, Benjamin Odell, Per Melita, Igor Martinovic, Aaron Yanes, Tommaso Ortino


Fleeing a pack of henchman on the Mexican side of the border, Juan hops a truck transporting illegals from Mexico to New York City. En route he befriends Pedro, an innocent from central Mexico who is headed to New York to seek his rich restaurateur father, Diego. Pedro shows Juan a sealed letter that his mother, now dead, has given him--an introduction to the father he never knew. When the truck pulls into New York City, Pedro wakes to find both his belongings and his new friend gone without a trace. He is cast onto the street and stumbles around, lost in an unknown city. Juan, meanwhile, shows up at Diego's door with the letter, claiming to be his long-lost son, Pedro.

Padre Nuestro, Christopher Zalla's smartly scripted first feature, is an exhilarating dog-eat-dog thriller brimming with style and exceptional performances. A provocative tale of stolen identity and fate, Padre Nuestro is also an insightful examination of the human longing to be loved.


Shari Frilot (see other films reviewed by the same reviewer)

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